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You Could Have a New Career in El Paso in as Little as Six Months

Apr 26, 2017 1:28:40 PM by MTTI
become a massage therapist in el paso texas

Massage therapists are in demand in El Paso! Are you looking for a lucrative, flexible, fun new career in West Texas? Read on to learn about how you can become a massage therapist in as little as six months. 
Massage Therapy is a growing field around the country and El Paso is no exception. A quick Yelp! search shows just how many massage therapy businesses are thriving in the area. Many of these spas and clinics need massage therapists immediately to treat their expanding client bases -- and they can be a great jumping-off point for entrepreneurial therapists who'd like to start their own businesses some day.
Becoming a massage therapist is a straightforward process that can be completed in a few months to a year, depending on what works best for your schedule. The first step is to choose the right massage school. El Paso offers three options for massage therapy training: El Paso Community College, Western Tech, and Massage Therapy Training Institute in Las Cruces. Each of these programs has its pros and cons, but to get your massage license quickly without skimping on educational quality, consider MTTI.
MTTI has flexible options for starting and completing your program. In six months, a full-time program will provide you with everything you need to qualify for a Massage Therapy license in almost every state in the country. (EPCC, for example, only qualifies you to work in 32 states -- not including New Mexico or Arizona.) If a part-time program is a better fit for your schedule, MTTI offers morning, afternoon, and evening classes and will still allow you to complete the entire program within a year.

Students from all around West Texas and New Mexico come to Las Cruces to attend MTTI, only half an hour drive from El Paso. Some students choose to relocate temporarily, while others prefer to commute. Experienced faculty and staff are ready to help you learn the skills you need to be a great massage therapist, navigate the licensing process in both New Mexico and Texas, and find a great new job!

Click here to reserve a space in our free “Introduction to Massage Therapy” workshop, and in just two hours you'll know if a massage career is right for you!


6 month massage program in Las Cruces NM


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