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Why You Might Want To Choose Massage School Over a Four-Year University

Aug 3, 2016 8:30:00 AM by Massage Therapy Training Institute

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Are you close to graduation and thinking about the next step? A traditional university isn’t the right choice for everybody. Consider massage school as a great alternative! 

Massage therapy students enter the workforce quickly

Four years of university is a big commitment — and, these days, that commitment often turns into five or six years. A recent report found that only 19% of full-time university students complete a bachelor’s degree in four years. Massage school can be completed in as little as six months. Even students who attend massage school part-time can graduate in no more than one year.  

Massage school is a highly-focused training program

According to the same report, “Too much choice in college catalogs contributes to the problem […] often overwhelming 18-year-olds ‘with an enormous cafeteria of possibilities in the college curriculum’ and too few counselors to help them chart their course.” Massage school allows you to focus 100% on acquiring the tools that are important for your career: hands-on massage techniques, human anatomy and physiology, customer relations, ethics, and business skills.

Massage therapists continue their learning long-term

Many massage therapy students describe massage school as the beginning of a life-long journey. Professional massage therapists are encouraged to keep up-to-date through Continuing Education classes over the course of their careers. However, unlike a traditional university, you are not expected to learn everything you’ll ever need to know all at once. Continuing Education allows working massage therapists to tailor their education to their personal working style. As a massage therapist, you can explore new modalities, specialties, and techniques in a way that fits YOUR schedule and budget.

Massage school is more affordable than a university degree

On average, a university graduate from the Class of 2016 owes $37,172 in student loan debt. Crippling student loan debt is a nationwide problem, deterring many young people from buying a home, opening a business, or even starting a family. Massage school is an investment, but a significantly more affordable one. Choosing an accredited massages school gives students access to federal financial aid.


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