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Your Top Options For A Career As A Massage Therapist

Jul 31, 2017 10:00:00 AM by MTTI

Do you know which massage work setting will fit you and your career goals best?

When it comes to massage therapy, you have virtually limitless career path options. Whether you opt to go into spa or clinical massage therapy, you can then branch out your skills from there into various subsets with proper continuous education. With all the different options, it can be difficult to choose which one best aligns with your interests.

Thankfully, you don’t necessarily have to choose only one. But to help narrow down your scope as you look towards your future as alicensed massage therapist, we have put together the following list of three top options for your career as a massage therapist:

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What Are The Benefits Of Sports Massage?

Jun 26, 2017 10:00:00 AM by MTTI

As the popularity of massage therapy continues to climb, more and more athletes are recognizing just how beneficial including therapy in their training regime can be.

Massage therapy is great for pain relief, but the benefits of therapy don’t just stop there for athletes. Read on to discover how sports massage can enhance your focus and overall performance.

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Massage Careers: Sports & Fitness Massage Therapist

May 12, 2016 3:43:00 PM by MTTI

Sports & Fitness Massage Therapist Career Summary

Working with athletes and sports injuries can be extremely fascinating and inspiring work for massage therapists interested in sports massage. This is a specialized area dealing with athletic training and injuries, and requires an exceptional knowledge of human anatomy. Massage therapists can provide pre-event and post-event massage to athletes to warm up the body, reduce event injuries and enhance performance - as well as improve post-event recovery. This career option is great for those with an interest in athletic training, fitness, dance, or martial arts and treating injuries, who want a job that is both challenging and rewarding.

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