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How to become a massage therapist in your state

Feb 3, 2016 1:56:00 PM by MTTI

A healing career as a massage therapist is incredibly rewarding. Becoming a massage therapist requires completing a massage education program, passing the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx), and applying for a license in the state(s) in which you want to work. 

In the United States, the MBLEx is the sole licensing exam for the profession of massage therapy. Other licensing requirements, such as number of hours of training, vary from state to state.

Before you choose a massage therapy school, research the requirements in your area and any areas you wish you work to ensure that your education fully prepares you to earn licensing. Some massage programs such as Massage Therapy Training Institute meet the qualifications for most states, which can be helpful if you plan to move or work in a different state in the future. 

U.S. massage therapy state board contacts and licensing requirements appear alphabetically below. Canadian information follows. At this time, the states of Alaska (except for the city of Valdez), Kansas, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Vermont and Wyoming have no state regulations governing the massage profession. Regulations have passed but have not yet been implemented in Idaho and Michigan.


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