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The Benefits Of Massage For Your Fur Baby

Aug 7, 2017 10:00:00 AM by MTTI

MTTI2015_-_16.jpgDid you know your furry friend can benefit from regular massage therapy sessions just as much as you can? Whether your fur baby is young and active, has a chronic illness, an injury or is nearing ripe old age, massage therapy has heaps of benefits for them.

Here are the top five benefits of massage for your fur baby:

1. Improved Circulation

As your fur baby is massaged, the strokes help increase their blood flow, making it easier for oxygen and nutrients to travel through their bodies and reach extremities. This reduces pain and muscular tension.

2. Maintain Flexibility

Just like a sports massage will help an athlete keep their muscles mobileand flexible, a massage for your fur baby will have the same effect. As a therapist gently massages their little legs and hips, they’re helping the muscles release any of that built-up tension, thus helping them maintain flexibility. This becomes increasingly more important as they age and become more susceptible to arthritis.

3. Relief for Chronic Issues

Fur babies with chronic issues, like arthritis, see a lot of relief with regular massage sessions. It helps to keep the muscles at ease and improve circulation into those areas, providing increased flexibility and pain relief.

4. Healthier Coat

As your fur baby is massaged, natural oils from their skin are rubbed into the fur. This is a benefit exclusive to our four-legged friends, but a notable one for show dogs, or even the family pet with a beautiful coat you like to show off at the dog park.

5. Illness Detection

Have you ever been petting your fur baby and noticed a cut, tick or strange lump? As humans, we regularly get exams from the doctor to detect any signs of illness. For your fur baby, adding massage therapy into their healthcare plan may just help you notice any signs of something wrong earlier, rather than later.

Will Your Fur Baby Enjoy Massage Therapy?

Just as with human clients, whether or not your fur baby will enjoy their massage therapy sessions is completely up to them. One thing is for sure though - they will appreciate how much better they feel when their session ends! Just make sure you choose to entrust your fur child's care into the hands of a licensed massage therapist.

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