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Tax Deduction Tips for Massage Therapists

Apr 2, 2017 9:00:00 AM by MTTI
tax tips for massage therapists, massage therapy school las cruces nmIt's tax time! Make sure you're taking the appropriate deductions for your massage therapy business.

If you’re a self-employed massage therapist, you work hard to run your business and you want to be making the most out of it. It's important to keep good records of all of your massages -- including when, where, and how much you were paid. This makes it easy to report your income at tax time and gives you the documents you need in the unfortunate case of an audit. However, in addition to tracking your income, it's equally important to keep track of your expenses. These expenses can be considered deductions and will lower the amount of income tax you are responsible to pay.

In order to qualify as a deduction, a business expense needs to meet three conditions:

  1. The expense is directly related to your massage therapy practice (or other business you run.)
  2. It is considered to be a normal, appropriate, necessary or helpful expense for maintaining a business like yours.
  3. The expense is reported with a reasonable belief that it is accurate to how much you actually spent.
Here are some of the most common deductions that massage therapists make every year:
  • Office rent
  • Utilities for your office space if you pay any
  • Massage supplies such as sheets, lotion, oil, detergent, and the cost of maintaining these supplies, such and laundry costs if you pay a laundry service or use a laundromat
  • Larger purchases such as your massage table or hot stone set
  • Business travel, including your mileage if you are a mobile therapist
  • Continuing education and travel to continuing education classes
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Credit card and bank fees if you accept credit cards
  • Licensing fees
  • Insurance
  • Conference fees
  • Books, educational software, and other references
  • Dues to your professional association

The latest AMTA New Mexico Chapter newsletter provides a helpful list of IRS documents with more details about the various expectations and tax forms relevant to licensed massage therapists. If you have questions about whether a particular expense counts as a deduction, make sure to get professional advice -- and always keep your receipts!
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