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MTTI helped me achieve my dream, the career I was made to do

Mar 9, 2014 5:58:00 PM by MTTI

massage therapy student class at massage therapy training institute in las cruces el paso

We recently received this letter from an MTTI graduate:

"Lately I have had a lot of times when I have wanted to say thank you to you guys. The training I received at MTTI has been invaluable. My "toolbox" is full of so many tools that I can't go wrong. I always have something else I can try, but my instincts point me to the right ones right away almost every time. People are amazed that I know what is going on with them just from the description they give me of their problem. They are impressed that I can explain to them why their body is acting the way it is. I had a lady today ask me if I had chiropractic training because of how well I understood the body. (Thank you Doc Yamani.) It has been so encouraging at my new job. There are other therapists who have been there for years and I am able to explain things to them that they hadn't been trained on. My confidence is sky high I am loving what I do every day I get to do it. When I work on a person I am focused on structure and function not just a relaxing massage. It makes a huge difference to the clients. You guys rock. Thank you Doc. Thank you Chrissy. Thank you Tim. Thank you everybody at MTTI. You helped me get to my dream, the career I was made to do." - Lauren


massage therapy student in las cruces nm el paso txLauren Machuga graduated from class #44 at Massage Therapy Training Institute in Las Cruces, New Mexico, in July 2012. She is licensed in Missouri and nationally certified in therapeutic massage and currently works at the Missouri Athletic Club. She has training in Swedish, neuromuscular therapy, lymphatic drainage, prenatal and infant, reflexology and positional relase, and has a particular interest in orthopedic and sports massage. She is also certified in Reiki I and II. "I have always known I wanted to be a massage therapist - it's one of the greatest ways to help people there is."



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