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Massage Therapy - How It Works

Jul 10, 2017 10:00:00 AM by MTTI

massage_therapy_relaxes_body_mindMassage therapy is increasingly popular. It has found its way into clinics and medical facilities as a scientifically proven approach to healing the body and mind. But why?

Put simply, it relaxes the muscles and releases tension. This release naturally stimulates the mind and helps it relax, staving off depression, anxiety and stress.

Here’s how massage therapy affects the body and mind:

Massage Therapy Relaxes the Body

As you receive a massage, your massage therapist uses strokes and techniques designed to stretch the muscles and release any tension. The physical manipulation of the body in this way serves a couple of purposes: increase the blood and lymph circulation, and relax the tissues.

You’ve probably heard that you need to drink plenty of water after a massage to help your body flush out toxins. These toxins are released into the blood stream as the massage therapist works out the tension and knots of the muscles. As the body relaxes, it naturally detoxes and improves circulation to deliver oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells. The result is a more efficient system, which may help reduce the swelling in soft tissues and relieve the body of pain.

Massage therapy also relaxes muscle tissue. As the muscles relax, painful contractions or spasms are reduced. This also leads to enhanced nerve cell performance, as tense muscles tend to clench up nerve endings, interfering with the signals they send to the brain.

A Better Physical State Positively Influences Emotion

There is a definitive link between our physical state and the resulting mental response. The body is constantly sending signals to the brain, as organs, muscles and more share neurological pathways to this command center. Thus, if the body is experiencing pain or discomfort, it only makes sense that the brain would react negatively, telling you that you’re unhappy, stressed or anxious.

Massage Therapy Helps the Body Heal

By alleviating the pain through massage therapy, you are not only healing the body, but the mind as well. With consistent massage therapy from a trained, licensed therapist that received a thorough education from a quality school like MTTI, your body and mind will steadily release any tension and find a state of relaxation. This relaxed state will help your mind stay clear and your body function more efficiently.

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