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Massage School begins the Journey

Apr 14, 2014 12:39:30 AM by MTTI

las cruces massage schoolAmong the many careers you can choose to pursue Massage Therapy stands out as something quite different. Whether you have attended college or university or are a high school graduate, enrolling in a full-time massage therapy class will challenge and reward you in unexpected ways. Six months of classes is quite intense and has many ups and downs but the positives will outnumber the negatives. Where else can you spend 4-5 days a week with the same small group of people learning the same things? This alone can have a big impact on you. It is said that some of the friends you make in massage school will forever be your friends, and it is quite true. Even if they don’t become your close friends, they will become your colleagues. They will be peer professionals you can consult. Massage school is your foundation from which you launch your career. It is a beginning. There will be post-graduate opportunities to take continuing education courses to fine tune your skills and open your mind to the many and varied therapeutic body care techniques available. It will never get boring as long as you pursue your passion and interests.

Just as there are countless modalities and techniques connected to massage therapy, there are just as many ways students connect with massage school. Some have had other careers, ranging from minimum wage jobs to health care positions to corporate businesses. Yet, something kept nagging in the back of their minds that what they were doing was not satisfying. Perhaps a friend or family member suggested they try to learn massage therapy or maybe they always wanted to become a massage therapist all along but they made other choices instead. It does not matter what steps you took to get to massage school and the joys of becoming a massage therapist, it is important to have listened to both your heart and mind. There is a reason we call what we do as massage therapists “a practice.” School was a first step, getting licensed a second step, practicing our journey. Be confident in your first steps.

by Christine Thompson, MTTI Hands-On Massage Instructor

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