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Massage Careers: Medical Massage Therapist

Apr 25, 2016 1:53:44 PM by MTTI

medical massage therapist career summary massage careers

Medical Massage Therapist Career Summary

As more people come to appreciate the healing benefits of massage therapy, careers in medical massage are becoming more available to qualified massage therapists. Well paying salaried, full and part time positions are often available to massage therapists who are interested in working in the healthcare industry. There are many specializations within the healthcare industry, such as working at a hospital, with the elderly, in physical therapy and rehabilitation, hospice, pediatrics, chiropractic, integrative medicine, and more. This work is fulfilling and challenging, and is best suited to those therapists who are interested in a more traditional job setting.

star-icon.pngTIP: If you are interested in this field, be sure to choose a massage school with a strong medical massage program.



Wages across health care environments vary, and both full time and part time employment is available. The average hourly rate for massage therapists working in a health care setting is $35.48. At a Hospital/Medical Office or Clinic, the average is $41.36. At a Chiropractic Office or Integrated Clinic, the average is $39.40 (source: AMTA Health Care Career Guide).


Questions to Consider

  • Does a health care work setting fit my personal and professional goals?
  • Am I qualified to work in health care environments?
  • Will I be able to manage the emotional demands of a health care work setting?
  • Does my personality lend itself well to being part of a team and working collaboratively with a number of different people?


What is it like to be a Medical Massage Therapist? 

medical-massage-therapist.png“My first experience practicing medical massage in a health care setting was working at a hospital as an Oncology Massage Therapist. It was one of the most rewarding and awe-inspiring experiences of my life. Every day in my job I saw and learned something new. Being able to be around so many different beautiful souls and being able to help heal them alongside the doctors and physical therapists was humbling and incredibly rewarding. Each day I was given a specific treatment plan to perform bodywork on each patient. The Doctor and I would discuss the medications that were given to the patient and which parts of the body needed massage treatment. It was wonderful to be in a medical environment where the healing power of massage was valued and incorporated into the patient’s treatment plans.” 

-Licensed Massage Therapist, Melissa Madrill



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