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How To Become A Massage Therapist When You Have A Family

Jun 9, 2016 9:40:00 AM by MTTI
Las Cruces NM Massage School
Many people pursue massage work as a second career, once they're empty nesters. Others try it early in life, so they can travel and have fun before they settle down. But does that mean massage is out for people who have young children or other demanding family responsibilities? Of course not! Working as a massage therapist can be a terrific job for parents.
Unlike traditional higher education, massage school is flexible. Yes, you have to be there in the flesh (Sorry, no online classes....massage work means hands on bodies!) but the vast majority of schools provide a host of flexible hours and programs. For example, Massage Therapy Training Institute in Las Cruces offers a variety of options. We have both full-time (6 months) and part-time programs (12 months), plus start dates four times a year. In terms of classes, we offer two different program schedules, so you can fit massage training into your busy family schedule with ease. Most other massage schools will offer many different ways to get your training and certification. With a little planning between you, your partner, and other members of your family, it's easy to make time to study your passion!
If childcare is a factor, you have options. You could set up a barter system (trade massages for occasional babysitting) or even set up a reciprocal childcare arrangement with another massage parent in your classes. Some massage schools will be able to refer you to childcare centers or providers that their students have used in the past, as well. 
The vast majority of massage instructors and other staff members are also busy people juggling multiple commitments. Because of this, massage school staff are often more understanding about your schedule and individual situation than traditional professors might be. Massage therapists who work at massage schools know how hard you're working to achieve your goals and they sympathize with you. The course load can be demanding for sure, but you'll find that people are willing to work with you to ensure you succeed. 
And when you're all done, completed all of your hours, your internship and more? You can set a schedule and a lifestyle that works for you! The best thing about actually becoming a massage therapist is the flexibility. You have so many options in terms of where to work, who to work for, and when to work, as well. it's incredibly easy to fit in massage work between school runs, soccer games, and date nights. 
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