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How a Medical Massage Program Helps Graduates

Mar 10, 2016 8:00:00 AM by MTTI

Medical Massage Therapy Program

The stellar reputation and longevity of Massage Therapy Training Institute comes from having only and always offered a medical massage program. We often speak about the relevance, power, and versatility of a medical massage program - but what does that actually mean for the sucesss of our graduates who are working as massage therapists in the field?




Clients Demand Medical Massage Therapists

The reality of today's world is that more than half of the people scheduling a massage want therapists who can meet a specific need. The public wants relief from and assistance treating pain, injury, edema, poor circulation, stiff and tight muscles, and sleeplessness without taking drugs. Students in a medical massage program learn how to treat symptoms in the short and long term, thereby improving the day to day quality of life of their clients.


What Is a Medical Massage Program?

A medical massage program focuses on treatment and recovery. Along with learning all the bones and muscles, instruction includes healthy function of all body systems and how they work together and well as pathology, which is disease and conditions of the body, and pharmacology; medications and how they affect the body and its response to massage. Our students learn when and how to touch the body and when they shouldn't. They learn how to massage post surgery and increase wound healing, improve movement of the digestive track, reduce nerve pain, bring fresh blood and nutrients to tight muscles, or provide safe, therapeutic massage to clients with diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, or sciatica.


How Medical Massage Helps Graduates


Upon graduation and receipt of a license from the state they choose to work in, our students are ready to work in hospitals, spas, chiropractor's offices and other health related facilities, sports facilities and resorts, or start their own practice. In other words, the full variety of job opportunities in this growing profession are accessible to our graduates.


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