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Five Things I Love About Being a Massage Therapist

Feb 15, 2017 3:43:57 PM by MTTI

becoming a massage therapist in el paso texasBecoming a massage therapist is one of the best decisions I ever made. There are lots of things I love about it, but here are my Top Five. 

1. Making a Positive Difference

Before going to massage school, I worked at an office from nine-to-five. My job was to collect information about children’s summer camps. Although I knew that my work might be helping families somewhere down the line, mostly I just saw spreadsheets. As a massage therapist, I get to see the positive impact of my work every day. There’s nothing like seeing a client get off my table smiling and sparkly-eyed after a massage, saying, “I didn’t know my body could feel that good!” or “Wow, I can turn my head again!” 

2. Never Having to Worry About Finding a Job

Massage therapists are in demand all over. It’s encouraging to know that no matter where I go, there will always be work available. I enjoy being able to pick up work easily at a franchise or spa while also building up a private clientele on the side. Travel massage is always an appealing possibility, too. Some day, I might focus on opening my own practice or work in a more clinical setting, but for the time being I’m happy exploring my many options for massage employment.

3. Having Control Over My Own Time

Having a flexible schedule is one of my favorite things about being a massage therapist. I can schedule my appointments to make time for my family, take a trip out of town, work on personal projects, or offer my skills at a volunteer clinic. This kind of flexibility is a high priority for many massage therapists, so the industry had developed to support it. Even as an employee, every massage job I’ve had has been very respectful of my time.

4. Continuing to Learn

There are so many different techniques and modalities to learn as a bodyworker! Not to mention related topics like anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and neuroscience. Even though I graduated from massage school several years ago, I’ve never stopped learning. And the more I learn about how to support my clients’ health and well-being, the more I learn about my own body as well.

5. Getting to See Everyone’s Cool Tattoos

Yep, I have seen some pretty amazing ink cross my table! Massage and Bodywork Magazine has some interesting things to say, too, about working on the scar tissue created by some tattoos.


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