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Financial Aid for Massage School

Dec 15, 2015 1:30:00 AM by MTTI
massage school financial aid
Making the decision to become a Massage Therapist is exciting! Whether it's a much-needed career change, an additional skill you're adding to an existing holistic business, or a new calling, pursuing massage education is something to be celebrated. 
An aspect that usually causes quite a bit less celebration is the money factor. Yup, that whole consideration of how you'll actually pay for massage school can be a big stressor. How much will it cost? What options do I have for payment? And, of course, is there financial aid available for massage school? 
There are several different ways you can get funding and financial aid to help you on your journey to massage certification. It's worth exploring any and all of these avenues if you are interested in becoming a Massage Therapist--you never know what option will work with your background and goals. 

Student Loans

There are several different kinds of loans available to aspiring Massage Therapists, just like there are to those pursuing traditional education.

Federal Loans: You may be eligible for a loan through the federal government. Not every school is eligible to take students who have these kinds of loans--only those that are accredited, like MTTI--so check with the admissions office at your prospective school to see if it's a possibility for you. If the answer is yes, you'll have to fill out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), which will determine your eligibility. There might even be other grants you qualify for under FAFSA!

Private Loans: These loans come through private companies like Sallie Mae or Wells Fargo.  They usually have higher interest than federal loans, but there is still an application process you'll undergo to receive a loan. 


Grants are money for school that you don't have to pay back.  Like loans, in order to receive Federal grants you must attend an accredited massage school, such as MTTI. Your massage school's financial aid advisor can help you determine whether you qualify for grant money. 


Your massage school might offer scholarships to students based on financial need, background or other criteria. You could also research local scholarships in your area; occasionally there are scholarships based on the county or town in which you live. 
FastWeb.com and ScholarshipPortal.com are two sites you can use to search for scholarships. Thumbtack also offers an essay contest scholarship for students who are pursuing higher education.

Veteran's Benefits

 If you served in any of the armed services, you are likely eligible for some sort of education assistance. You can contact the Department of Veteran's Affairs to find out about your options for financial help as a veteran.

School Programs

Some massage schools have programs that make it easier for students to pay for massage training. Some schools have work-study programs, others have payment plans. Many schools employ students on a part-time basis, too, even after graduation. Ask your school what programs and options are offered to massage therapy students and how you can get more information on participating. 
Accredited massage schools like MTTI will have a Financial Aid department with counselors who can answer your questions and help you to determine what you qualify for. Click here to learn more about our Financial Aid department or make an appointment with your Financial Aid Director.

It's up to you to do your research and explore the financial aid options that make sense for you and your life. Becoming a Massage Therapist is an attainable goal, even if you need a little bit of financial help to get there!
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