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College Not For You? Consider Massage School!

Jan 26, 2016 11:24:00 AM by MTTI
College not your thing? Or maybe college is your thing, but maybe you're not sure if your four-year liberal studies degree alone is going to get you the job (or the lifestyle) you want. It seems a college degree is becoming more and more of a commodity these days, but the job satisfaction and level of personal happiness people experience doesn't seem to be getting any better. Want a way to skip the rat race and proceed directly to a career that you'll love? Try massage therapy!
You can become a massage therapist in about six months to a year - much faster than the two year associates, four year college degrees or two plus year master's degrees that are standard in our culture. Massage therapy school is often considerably cheaper than traditional higher education, even the lower cost state schools. Even better? Accredited massage therapy schools offer financial aid, and you can still apply for grants and loans just as you would with regular higher education. 
Even if you've already completed your degree, getting a massage therapy certification can add to your credentials. Having experience and certification in massage therapy easily complements sports therapy, medicine, or training; nursing, physical therapy; kinesiology; chiropractic, even psychology! Adding massage to your personal expertise makes you a more attractive candidate for all sorts of positions in all kinds of health-related industries. And you can always work for yourself, too! Massage therapy is a terrific "side job" or way to earn some additional income if you have another part-time or full-time job.
That brings us to the myriad of options you have for actually working as a massage therapist. You can work in a clinic, at a salon, at a university (usually for sports massage/therapy), at a chiropractor's office, and more. Traveling massage work can also be a great option when you're just out of school, young and/or without a family or other commitments. Most traveling massage therapists will take temporary gigs in popular tourist spots (or even just places they'd like to live), working for a few months to a few years. For more information on what life as a traveling massage therapist can look like, read Annie's story right here on our blog. 

So whether you're fed up with traditional higher ed or looking for something different despite the fact that you already have your degree, studying massage therapy can be a terrific way to inject some passion and ease into your work life. Check out MTTI's options to see if they're right for you!
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