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My Career as an Equine Massage Therapist

Jun 23, 2014 1:37:28 PM by MTTI

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I went to massage school at MTTI in 2010. Our class was all women, and it was really fun. I liked the massage school because it challenged me to educate myself in a way that college or conventional school didn't. I got my massage license and I also became certified in Equine Massage, and I have been massaging people and horses ever since. I love working with the horses because they have such a calm, collected energy. Horses need massage for the same reasons that people do. It helps with attitude problems, poor rides, issues with poor fitting saddles. Instead of having a really tense, anxious horse you have a nice calm, relaxed horse. They enjoy the massage just like the people do. Depending on where you're working on them, they will move themselves to where they want you to work on them. You can try to go back to where you were, but they're just going to move to where they want you to massage them again. They're athletes just like we are, especially the ones who do horse shows. We massage our Olympians - why not do it for our other Olympian partners? With my massage career I've been able to combine two things I am passionate about and make it into an adventure.

By MTTI graduate, Madeline Isacks


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