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The Top Massage Therapy School in El Paso Isn't Where You Might Think...

Mar 20, 2014 9:32:26 PM by MTTI

become a massage therapist in el pasoIt has been 6 years since I attended Massage Therapy Training Institute, and I look back on the experience with nothing but great memories. Currently working as a full time therapist, I am so grateful for my education at MTTI because I feel it not only prepared me for the technical side of the massage therapy field, but also the ‘real life’ side. I feel that MTTI gave me the tools to be successful in a competitive career. I think our class was lucky to have the instructors it did, as they all had lots of years of actual real world experience. I would learn later that this experience would translate into me being prepared to last in a competitive field. I felt completely prepared with the curriculum when I went to take the Texas State licensing test. The time we spent preparing (taking mock tests), was crucial, and I felt ready by the time I went to test. After leaving MTTI and receiving my license, I was immediately hired by N’Dulge Day Spa and Salon, and though I had passed my test, and had plenty of anatomy and physiology background, I believe the clinical hands-on experience with actual clients was the most beneficial part of my education. When I went for my interview, I had to give the owner a massage, and she commented on how natural I was in making her feel comfortable as a client, and I think this came specifically from the great hands-on instruction that I received in school at MTTI.

I currently rent a little office where I work as an independent massage therapist. Because of the hands on experience we got with sports massage with the athletes at NMSU, I realized early on that deep tissue and sports/rehab massage would be my specific interest. From there, I was able to take lots of continuing education on the topics, and I strongly believe that this has in every way led to my success. I was able to market myself as a deep tissue and sports massage therapist, and as soon as I developed in theses areas, I was able to create a great clientele specific to my passion.

When I attended massage school, I lived in El Paso, Texas. After visiting several schools in the area, and speaking with several students who were attending local massage therapy programs, I decided to go to MTTI, even though going there meant I would be commuting every day. After taking a tour and interviewing with some of the instructors, MTTI just felt like the right fit. At several of the schools I looked into I just felt like a number… But MTTI offered a more personal experience, and they made me feel welcomed and important. Also, in speaking with several people from the massage community, I knew I wanted to be able to work with Jerron, Tim, and Patricia, who I had heard amazing things about.

I am so glad that I chose MTTI for my massage therapy training program - the education I received there absolutely made commuting from El Paso each day worth the trip. I would encourage anyone living in El Paso who is looking into massage programs to be sure to check out MTTI, as the value of the education you receive there makes it, from my experience, the best choice.

Written by MTTI graduate Theresa Melendez



Massage Therapy Training Institute in Las Cruces, NM is located 30 minutes from the West Side of El Paso, Texas. Would you like to learn more about our affordable 6 month massage therapy training program? Get a free enrollment kit today and take the first step to turn your passion for helping others into a rewarding career as a massage therapist.

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